Turkey's ŞİMŞEK UAV conducts 8 sorties during military drills in the Eastern Mediterranean

19/03/2021 12:59

Developed by Turkish Aerospace to meet the increased training requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, ŞİMŞEK High Speed Target Drone System conducted 8 sorties during military exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean and Northern Aegean "Blue Homeland-2021".

Throughout the drills Şimşek made significant contribution to the air defense and close air defense firings from the Turkish Navy's ships in a realistic threat scenario.

The news came in a tweet by Turkish Aerospace stating the following: 

"Şimşek conducted 8 sorties during the exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean and Northern Aegean."

The system meets the requirements of high speed target drone simulating enemy aircraft and missiles for air to air, ground to air, anti-aircraft gunnery and missile systems’ tracking and firing trainings. Open architecture design of ŞİMŞEK High Speed Target Drone System can be modified with respect to end user requirements.

The general features of the ŞİMŞEK System are as following:

  • 45 minutes of endurance

  • Max. Speed 400 kts

  • Mission altitude between 1000ft (350m) to 15000 feet (4500 m) (ASL)

  • 50 km LOS Data Link Range with GCS

  • Catapulte launch

  • Parachute recovery on land or at sea

  • Ability to take-off and control from Navy platforms

  • Structure manufactured with advanced composite technology

  • Compatible with military standards

  • Full autonomous flight mode with Waypoint / Heading / Speed / Altitude hold modes including take-off and landing with indigenous "GCS Flight Control System" and "Autopilot System"

  • Preprogrammed flight ability to assign waypoints and change during / before flight

  • Return Home & Fail Safe Modes for automatic recovery to a predefined return home point

  • Record and playback of real-time coded digital flight data telemetry

  • Ability to recognize and load digital maps


  • Passive Radar Cross Section Augmenter - Luneberg Lens

Additional Payload Integration Activities:

  • MDI

  • CMDS

  • Smoke Generator

  • Radar Altimeter